Another modernisation stage of Pilviškiai terminal has been completed: a total of 5,6 M Eur invested


On the 20th of June UHB Group invited their team as well as guests to gather at the Pilviškiai terminal managed by UHB Service.
Two years ago the renovation of 2,4 ha began and thus far a half-kilometer railway section was modernized, a 6,200 sq. m cargo storage area covered with asphalt and a new packaging workshop was built and equipped with modern technology.

The most recent renovation – using innovative materials and solutions administrative and domestic premises were completed paying the most attention to employee comfort: from changing and rest areas to modern and efficient office workspaces.

Thanking the whole team that contributed to the terminal not only with their hard work but valuable ideas as well, UHB Group head Kęstutis Pakalnis emphasized that the renovation is being carried out very consistently, thoughtfully and in accordance with the long-term strategy and vision: to create one of the most modern and innovative terminals in Lithuania.
“After moving to this area, we have already invested about 5.6 million Eur in two years and we are planning another 2.5 million Eur investment during this year alone. And in total, in the long-term perspective, we plan to increase our investment to 15 million Eur”, said the head of the group K. Pakalnis.

The terminal provides loading, storage and logistics services for reinforced concrete products and harmless bulk chemical products and is constantly expanding and growing. Also, after the UHB group established a joint venture together with an important global fertiliser producer – the state of Uzbekistan and established a Trade House through which as well as through Pilviškiai terminal all of the Uzbek fertiliser will reach Europe, so its importance has increased significantly and will continue to increase in the future.

As the mayor of Vilkaviškis municipality Algirdas Neiberka and director of administration Vitas Gavėnas, who visited the event, said: UHB Group is currently one of the largest investors in Vilkaviškis region, with its activities and investments not only creating jobs in the region, Pilviškiai but also becoming an example of a success story for other businesses.