Teamwork traditions: meeting at the the UHB group shooting competition


The bigger the company, the more important teamwork and company traditions. One of the UHB group traditions: an annual meeting at the shooting club. To improve marksmanship, attentiveness as well as acquire useful skills in handling a weapon.

But the most important part is having a good time and working as a team in getting to know your colleagues not only at work but in a leisurely setting also.
This April the 8th annual “UHB group shooting competition 2024” took place. Each participant had the chance to try their hand at 4 different guns and of course feast on hunter’s prey – this time it was roasted moose.

This tradition was started by UHB Service and terminal executive Vitalis Morkūnas, who is an avid clay pigeon shooter and has been doing it as a sport for several decades.

After an exciting competition, the best marksmen took the podium: Vytas Karpavičius from Marijampolės NPK and Raimonda Čiūtienė from UHB Service.
Marijampolės team joined our competition for the first time this year, so their win is especially rewarding. On the other hand, Vytas, who is a warehouse manager, is also the founder and manager of the Marijampolė archery club “Ugninė strėlė”. He has been an active participant in competitions in Lithuania as well as abroad for a dozen years. Archery builds concentration and self-control – skills that are useful not only at work and in life, but also, obviously, in winning a shooting competition.

Meanwhile, Raimonda, an accountant at UHB Service, claims that she has no shooting experience at all… but she is the winner of our competition for the second year in a row! Innate talent? Anything is possible, after all, Raimonda is not indifferent to extreme sports in her life and sometimes arrives to work on a motorcycle.

And we can only be happy for the winners: excellent results and great marksmanship. Congratulations to you, colleagues!

Some moments from our competitions in the gallery below.