The new NPK fertiliser factory in Uzbekistan


UHB acquired 47% shares of the “Samarkand NPK” factory from Uzbek state this October with a commitment to purchase a total 85% of shares in the next year. The factory is located in a 4 hectare territory with buildings and equipment with the capacity to produce up to 240 tons of fertiliser per year – double the amount we are able to produce in Lithuania at the moment.

UHB group operates in various sectors ranging from food and agriculture to logistics. However the major share of the group turnover – as much as 80% – is production and sales of fertilisers and chemicals. This is the most important part of the UHB group business which will be growing even more with this acquisition of the factory in Uzbekistan.

VERSLO ŽINIOS / 2023 12 13 – UHB grupė įsigijo NPK trąšų gamyklą Uzbekistane