UHB Group together with the State of Uzbekistan established a joint venture – Trade House


In May 2024 UHB Group, together with the State of Uzbekistan, established UAB “Trading House Uzkimyoimpeks-Lithuania” – a trade house, the shareholders of which are the state company of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Uzkimyoimpeks” and one of the companies of the UHB Group.

From now on, fertilisers (urea, ammonium nitrate, potassium chloride, etc.) exported from the state of Uzbekistan will travel to Europe through the new Trade House. Recently the first batches of fertilisers from Uzbekistan reached Lithuania already through this Trade House.

“Sanctioned goods with forged documents of Uzbek origin were imported to the European Union. In order to achieve transparency, the UHB Group and the Uzbek state decided to establish a joint company: Lithuanian and Uzbek Trade House, aimed at ensuring the transparent origin of goods and increasing the quantities of fertiliser imported to Europe. And this means that all other fertiliser from Uzbekistan that is imported to European countries, not through this Trade House, should attract the attention of the controlling officials and businesses of the countries that import them.” – said Kęstutis Pakalnis, Chairman of the Board of the UHB Group, about the purpose and main goal of the new Trade House.