Lithuanian NPK fertiliser produced by UHB Agro exported all over the world with the major buyers in Ukraine


Although the fertiliser business has experienced sudden changes and dizzying price jumps and falls over the past few years, our fertiliser production and trading companies UHB Agro and UHB Service have been growing steadily. Even with production at full capacity, we barely manage to meet the growing demand for Lithuanian made complex fertilisers. As Kęstutis Pakalnis, head of the UHB group, says: the demand for fertiliser is so high that practically everything could be sold to just a few customers but we try to balance trade by selling to more diverse markets – from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries to Thailand and Africa. However, the largest customer remains the Ukrainian agribusiness, just like before the war.

Read more about UHB group entry to the specialised fertiliser market, the vision for the future as well as the requirements of the modern world: for every gram of fertiliser to reach the plant and working with our major customers in Ukraine in Verslo žinios article (in Lithuanian).

VERSLO ŽINIOS / 2023 11 28 – Pagrindiniais lietuvių pagamintų trąšų pirkėjais išliko Ukrainos agroverslas