Marijampolės NPK

We are one of the largest complex fertiliser production companies in the Baltic States, capable of producing up to 120,000 tons of different formula complex fertilisers per year. Besides our production we are also cooperating with local scientists to create new products that stand out by the fact that one granule contains all the substances needed by the plant: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various micro-elements.

Fertiliser production

Also we are really flexible and able to adapt our products to fit our client needs that’s why each farm can receive fertiliser that is individually fitted to their needs. All this while ensuring the highest quality with a strict quality control and laboratory test in our modern lab.

We build partnerships with our customers and business partners based on trust and we foster a respectful internal culture as well as a positive work environment in the company.

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Jurgita Šeržentienė

Managing director

Evaldas Griškaitis

Chief technologist

& Figures

Production of up to
120,000 tons
per year

Factory operating
for over 20 years

Extra high
quality standards


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