The bigger the company, the more important teamwork and company traditions. One of the UHB group traditions: an annual meeting at the shooting club.


UHB Service are continuing to renovate and modernise their loading terminal in Pilviškiai, Vilkaviškis district.


We are strengthening the capacity of our latest acquisition – Samarkand NPK factory in Uzbekistan by acquiring polypropylene fabric equipment from a well-known European manufacturer Klameta.


UHB acquired 47% shares of the Samarkand NPK factory from Uzbek state this October with a commitment to purchase a total 85% of shares in the next year.


Up to 15 million EUR investments and 100 new jobs – the UHB Service company is entering the Vilkaviškis district.


UHB Service is a new entrant in the Central Asia commodities market, and it is positioning itself as a premier supplier of agricultural products.