15 € mil. investment


Up to 15 million EUR investments and 100 new jobs – the UHB Service company is entering the Vilkaviškis district with such plans, intending to start its activities in our region in the near future.

Recently, the head of the UHB Group Kęstutis Pakalnis and the director of UHB Service belonging to this group of companies Andrius Ivaška visited the Vilkaviškis district municipality. In the meeting with the mayor of the district, Algirdas Neiberkas, and the director of the Municipal Administration, Vitus Gavėnas, specific plans of entrepreneurs and future investments were discussed.

In the near future, the investors are going to start construction of a huge terminal on the approximately 2.4 ha plot they own in Pilviškii. It is planned that the terminal will be 2.3-2.4 thousand. sq. m area and 8 m high. It will store various products sold by UHB Service, which is starting to operate in our area.

This company manages online stores, engages in retail and wholesale trade of food products, trade of reinforced concrete products, provides packaging, storage, loading and logistics services for feed raw materials, liquid products, bulk chemical products.