Pilviškiai terminal reconstruction is continuing to the second stage


UHB Service are continuing to renovate and modernise their loading terminal in Pilviškiai, Vilkaviškis district.
Acquired in 2022 the abandoned territory of a bankrupt company with a non-functional railway line, that wasn’t used for 19 years, has changed significantly during the last year and a half.
The modernisation of the 500 meter long railway line and the first carts on it as well as the bulk cargo loading works were all stage one of the renovation.
Last year a 6.200 sq.m. of paved cargo storage area and a new packaging facility with modern equipment were built.
Recently an administration building was completed focusing on employee comfort: from changing and rest areas to modern and ergonomic office spaces.

According to UHB Service CEO Andrius Ivaška the renovation and investments thus far increased the efficiency of the terminal two fold.
“We have invested around 3 M € to the terminal renovation thus far. And the second stage of investment will start shortly. During this stage the storage area will be increased and the terminal will be equipped with the most modern road transport system. The number of employees will grow as well: the company currently employs about two dozen people and in the future we will need twice as many.”

The development of Pilviškiai terminal is led by a vision to become one of the most innovative and modern terminals in Lithuania. Also, operational sustainability buzzword, but as a real strategy to ensure that operations at the terminal use as little fossil fuel as possible. For that purpose, modern, automated equipment, electric conveyors, lines, conveyors are being built – everything that contributes to saving energy resources, making operations more efficient and using resources as smartly as possible.

UHB GROUP won an award in 2023 for investments in Vilkaviškis district and effective partnership of UHB SERVICE with the municipality. During the Vilkaviškis district business forum.